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CTExerciser and CTFlexer Instructions Manual

The CTExerciser ships flat.  Once you receive your CTExerciser, you will need to open it up and position the coils correctly before use by following the setup instructions in the guide.  The manual also contains usage instructions for both the CTExerciser and CTFlexer, and tips to achieve the maximum benefits they have to offer!

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It is critical that practitioners and patients understand the need to exercise throughout the day.  Approximately 30 seconds is all that is needed with the CTFlexer, or per hand with the CTExerciser, for completion of an exercise.  To bring out the maximum benefits of these exercises, we recommend following the next few tips to help you get the most out of your CTExerciser and CTFlexer:  

  • 30/30 breaks:  This entails working for 30 minutes and then taking a 30 second break.  Throughout the day, alternate between using the CTExerciser and CTFlexer.  That is, use the CTExerciser for your first 30 second break, use the CTFlexer for your next 30 second break, then any other 30 second break which would include standing up and stretching, get a drink of water, or use the restroom, etc.

  • Continually use throughout the day!  Using the CTExerciser a few times a week, will not provide you the maximum benefits.

  • Speak with your practitioner.  Knowing more about CTS and how it effects you can help you understand how the CTExerciser can benefit you!

Download the Instruction Manual Here

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