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The Flexer

The CTFlexer comes free with the purchase of a CTExerciser.  The Inventor, Occupational Therapist and Hand Specialist, found that using the CTFlexer in conjunction with the CTExerciser has proven to maximize results.


  • In therapy terms, the CTFlexer is a portable dowel.  It is a rope with handles at each end, used to stretch the fascia and muscles of the upper extremities, neck, chest and upper back.

  • When used correctly, the CTFlexer displaces the center of gravity allowing the user to reach out and up farther without hurting the wrists or shoulders.  It allows the user to eventually reach overhead, which opens up the fascia and muscle of the upper back, the chest, and the arms, all the way to the wrists.

  • It is a natural adjunct to the CTExerciser

  • Non-toxic materials and lightweight

  • Easy to use and can be used anywhere

  • Very portable.  Fits in a coat pocket or purse.

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