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The CTExerciser - Practitioner Version

The CTExerciser is a wrist mobilizer.  It is designed to stretch the wrist and forearm muscles through participation in purposeful activity.  Moving the slide from one end to the other of the coiled loops uses all of the wrist and forearm muscles in both eccentric and concentric motion.  In other words it makes them relax, and contract.  This provides a full stretch of the muscles, a relaxation of the fascia (connective tissue), which releases pressure in the carpal tunnel that is causing the symptoms.


Motions elicited:

  • Wrist flexion (touch palm towards forearm)

  • Median and ulnar nerve wrist extension (move wrist backwards towards back of arm)

  • Radial nerve ulnar deviation (move hand sideways toward little finger)

  • Ulnar nerve radial deviation (move hand sideways toward thumb)

  • Radial and Median nerve forearm pronation (palms down)

  • Forearm supination (palms up)

  • Circumduction (rotating the wrist 360 degrees) all three nerves

The CTExerciser is time efficient.  The average time to traverse the loops and return is 30 seconds.  Used on a regular basis this tool may decrease proximal tension alleviating distal symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by promoting full range of motion.  Therapists may modify the angle of the loops extended to employ this tool in treatment of other hand and upper extremity injuries.


The CTExerciser can be used pre and post surgery.  It can be used anywhere, and is particularly important to use in the workplace.

Send your patients home with a CTExerciser 
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