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The CTExerciser

It is the only device of its kind that mobilizes all 7 actions of the wrist and forearm movements, attaining 360 degrees circumduction of the wrist to the shoulder in a single device (thus increasing flexibility of your hands and wrist)


  • Created by an Occupational Therapist and Hand Specialist for non-surgical intervention, rehabilitation and prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and other wrist disorders such as Ulnar Nerve Compression, Lateral Epicondylitis, and deQuervain's

  • The CTExerciser treats the cause, not the symptoms

  • The goal of the CTExerciser is to restore the body’s inherent equilibrium by removing restrictions and tensions that accumulate in the fascia tissue

  • Mobilizes all 7 actions of the wrist and forearm movement, including 360 degrees of circumduction

  • Designed to increase range of motion (ROM), flexibility of hands and wrists

  • Improves blood circulation and nerve sufficiency

  • Supports balanced muscle action over joints in hand and arm

  • Ulilizes and improves visual tracking, perceptual motor function and eye-hand coordination

  • Lightweight (14 oz.), compact, and affordable

  • Easy-to-use at work or at home, portable

  • Non-allergenic and tactilely appealing

  • For Practitioners:  This tool mobilizes the wrist in flexion/extension, ulnar/radial deviation, elicits supination/pronation thus promoting 360 degrees forearm circumduction.  Positioning the CTExerciser in different planes elicits elbow flexion/extension, shoulder flexion/extension, abduction, horizonatal abduction, and circumduction.  Learn more at CTExerciser - Practitioner Version.

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