The Inventor

Caryl A. Washburn Thompson, MA, OTR, graduated from Texas Women’s University in 1983 with a BS Degree and received her Masters in 1991 from the same institution. She has been in private practice since 1987, specializing in hand therapy and pain intervention.  Many patients are in serving industries, especially workers with carpal tunnel and other cumulative trauma disorders, and can’t afford to be out of work or the potential of loss of hand function due to surgery.  Her goal is non-surgical intervention and rehabilitation using her own method of treatment.

Caryl has intensive multi-level training in Myofascial Release.  Her approach to treatment is based on a complete understanding of the fascial system, and its interactions with the muscles of the body.  Fascia, is the connective tissue that runs between every cell in the body.  Trauma to the fascia causes restrictions that may ultimately lead to cell death.  Caryl takes a holistic, non-surgical, approach to intervention, that she has named the “Washburn Technique.”  She developed the CTExerciser to be a method of treatment and an integral part of this technique.

In February of 1994, Caryl began teaching Stop CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) Workshops to practitioners (the Washburn Technique).  She also addressed large corporations, and insurance adjusters about the growing problem of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Caryl's award winning therapy program has given her recognition all over the country, as being a viable alternative to surgery.  She offers national seminars several times a year and the use of the CTExerciser is an integral part of all.  Over the years, Caryl says she has helped thousands of patients resolve CTS and regain full function with the use of the CTExerciser, without surgery! 

The Manufacturer

Stephen C. Drilling, President/CEO of ACS Services, Inc. met Ms. Washburn in 1993 when she treated him for hand dysfunction.  Mr. Drilling was/is a business owner specializing in manufacturing, re-manufacturing, and engineering.  Together, they decided that there was a great need to address the growing incidence of Cumulative Trauma Dysfunction (CTD), Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI’s).

ACS Services, Inc. was founded in 1999 in Euless, TX by Stephen C. Drilling.  The strong engineering and manufacturing background of Mr. Drilling allowed him to fulfill Caryl’s wishes and re-design and manufacture her product to her exact specifications in order to do exactly what she needed it to do.  The ACS mission is to offer non-surgical solutions of prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, and to have those solutions available to the public.  ACS believes in treating the cause, not the symptoms!

The CTExerciser is used in homes, offices, workshops, and physical therapy clinics across the nation.  If you are an individual, and do not have any symptoms, you should have one for prevention and use it at home and at work.  If you do have symptoms of a CTD, seek medical advice, and try a CTExerciser today for intervention.  If you have had surgery and CTS has or hasn’t yet returned, try a CTExerciser for rehabilitation.  If you are a Corporation, please, look into supplying this tool to your employees to aid in the health of their hands, wrist, and mobility of their entire body.  Call ACS Services, Inc. to discuss bulk pricing, and put together an effective workplace exercise intervention program.

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